Gifting To God, Pleasing The Almighty!

In Hinduism, plants are regarded to be incarnations or symbols of Gods and therefore their worship is very common.

No religious and cultural ritual is completed without the use of plants, fruits and flowers. Different species of plants have special association with particular deities. This festive season let us try and please the almighty a bit. Let us learn something about gifting to Gods and Goddesses, not just friends and family.

Firstly, we need to understand why we offer flowers to God, only then will we understand the importance of it.

It is a common belief that flowers give happiness to the receiver, human or Gods. So, if you wish to please God, offering flowers may just do it.

The bright colours, fragrance and freshness of the flowers lends a spiritual, positive and clam vibe. This creates a beautiful setting for the prayers we offer.

When offering a flower to a Deity, let its stalk be towards the Deity and the plume be towards us. When a flower is offered with its stalk towards the Deity, the vibrations emitting from the Deity are attracted to the stalk and are then emitted towards the worshipper.

Here are a few tips to offer the right flowers, the right way:

  • Get your flowers fresh, either grow them yourself or purchase them. Stolen flowers or ones that have been begged for are unacceptable to God.
  • Lotus and champa being exceptions, buds are not offered to God, only bloomed flowers are.
  • If you are lucky enough to be plucking flowers yourself, ensure you do so before dusk. Show some respect and gratitude towards the plant when you pluck flowers.
  • Only fresh flowers should be offered, not dry wilted ones. The flowers need to be insect and disease free.

Lastly, offering flowers is a beautiful way to show your undying love, devotion and to express how thankful you are for everything you have.

Remember, it is not just the act of offering flowers, but the feelings with which you offer them that matter. Be mindful.