Divine Flowers: Champa

Champa (Plumeria in English) is a common flower in India.

This flower is particularly fragrant at night. Champa tree is considered sacred not just in India but in many other Asian countries like Java.

The fragrance of the champa flower is strong and distinguished, and for this reason it had been an integral part of Indian spiritual worship from time immemorial.

Lord Ganesha is quite found of this flower. Goddess Parvati is offered this flower and so is Lord Vishnu. Champa, also known as Champaka, is not offered to Lord Shiva as the flower is said to be cursed by him along with Ketaki flower. As is tradition flower buds are not offered to deities, but buds of champa and lotus are two exceptions.

The gopis of Vrindavan talked to the Champaka trees in the Vrindavana forest while eagerly searching for Krishna.

The flower is not only mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures for its fragrance but also for its beauty.