Divine Flowers: Chameli (Jasmine)

Since the time of Vedas, Jasmine has found mention in the Hindu scriptures.

The flower, in Hindu weddings, is often used as the bridal flower. It symbolises everlasting love between the married couple.

Jasmine is loved by Lord Hanuman and according to the ritual, five Chameli or Jasmine flowers should be offered to please Lord Hanuman. Offering Chameli oil along with sindoor (orange in colour) or vermilion to Lord Hanuman also helps in warding off evils from your life. Goddess Parvati likes white flowers and Chameli is one of them. Lord Vishnu and his avatar Lord Rama are too fond of this flower.

Chameli is also known as Bela or Mongra.

These small sized white flowers with many petals, is very dear to Lord Shiva. One should offer flowers to Lord Shiva with extreme devotion and surrendering only then the wishes of the devotee shall be fulfilled. Offering Chameli flowers to him fulfils wishes for those who do not have child. Offering this flower to him also gives the devotee a beloved, beautiful and devoted wife. This flower is offered to him particularly during the month of Saavan (rainy season).

In India, Jasmine flower is worn in the hair by many women for not just its beauty and fragrance.

It is based on an ayurvedic practice. Jasmine's fragrance reduces nervousness and also keeps the brain in calm.