Flower care

We guarantee the freshest of the flowers will be delivered to you, but the flowers still need care.

Just follow the simple tips:

  1. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, any heat source (TV, stove etc) and draft of wind
  2. Water of vase arrangements need to change daily
  3. Loose flowers (not sent in floral foam) need to be cut by 1” (daily or at least every 2 days) at a 45-degree angle
  4. Most flowers are delivered as buds, if you want them to open sooner, add some sugar to the water
  5. Instead of flower food or sugar, adding a little clear soda (Sprite or 7-up) would help the flowers too
  6. Tulips tend to droop. Add some vodka to the water and they won’t droop that much. Cut the stem by 2cm daily as tulips continue to grow even after being cut and thus tend to droop a lot more if not cut daily.
  7. Bleach or a few drops of Lime Juice to be added to the vase for all flowers
  8. For woody stems of Roses and Lilies, lightly hammer the stem ends, this will open them up to drink more water
  9. Lilies are very thirsty flowers, make sure they have enough water to drink
  10. If u feel the lily buds are too closed and u want them to open up sooner, keep them in a vase with warm water (hot enough for a bath in winters). They will bloom sooner.
  11. Do not use cold water for any flower. Room temperature is most suitable
  12. Flowers are ethylene sensitive, making them open and age faster so be sure to avoid displaying them near fruits or vegetables.
  13. For hydrangea, add a little Alum powder (fitkari) to the water
  14. Many people in India keep water overnight in a copper pot/bottle to be consumed the next morning. Flowers love this too. Whatever water is left in the copper pot/bottle, use it for changing the water of the vase. 


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