About Bunchary

We believe that gifting is a form of art itself and Bunchary is zealously committed to delivering an extraordinary gifting experience for the person giving the gift and the one at receiving the end of that experience. When it comes to gifting concepts, people at times default to the age-old proverb that “it’s the thought that matters”. Given our devotion to the art of gifting, we have taken the challenge to translate those thoughts into unparalleled gifting concepts and experiences for our discerning customers.

We stand for elegance, with a hint of quirkiness to deliver unique gifting concepts. Our name is a derivative of the word ‘bunch’ which literally means a collection of things grouped together. We have conceptualised our product range after a lot of thought to offer some amazing collections with stunning new floral concepts, unique fragrances and quirky flavours. We also endeavour to add more seasonal variations on top of our signature basics in line with festivals and other events & celebrations.

We are dedicated to providing a holistic, superlative gifting experience, which offers our customers a convenient online platform to select Bunchary’s eclectic gift concepts and collections, which transcends to a professional delivery service at the receiving end, coupled with exquisite packaging of all Bunchary products. With so much attention to detail, we won’t be surprised if our customers are tempted to hold on to our gorgeous gift boxes itself, let alone our elegant and quirky gifts!

Customized Concepts

We thrive on individuality, stepping out of the norm to create unique, tailor made gifting concepts for our customers. While our signature collection itself is designed with elegant quirkiness in mind well beyond conventional concepts, we are equally delighted to further customize our concepts to our customers’ unique preferences. We are eager to receive any requests to make your gifting idea exclusive with any alterations to our signature collection or alternatively starting out on a blank sheet of paper to bring to life your own unique, quirky yet elegant gift concept. If you gravitate towards the unorthodox, Bunchary is committed to translating your vision to reality. Please call us for further discussions on any customized concepts or just leave a message and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Modus Operandi

As opposed to conventional florists, we have a hard policy to not stock any flowers upfront for our floral concepts. Since we purchase fresh flowers on the very morning of the scheduled delivery date, delivery orders need to be placed at least a day in advance, with the last order for delivery accepted latest by 8 pm for a delivery scheduled on the day after. We also require full upfront payment for confirmed deliveries either by online bank transfers, credit cards or the PAYTM platform.

Nota Bene: It will be remiss on our part to not to point out that flowers do have some natural seasonal variations. Accordingly, for our floral concepts please treat the online pictures of the concept as the closest possible replicas of the final product. We strive for perfection as a rule in any case!